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Barrel Vent Peg with Tubing

Barrel Vent Peg with Tubing

Harry Mason Ltd
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The Barrel Vent Peg with Tubing is hand machined out of FDA approved Food Grade, high impact material and fitted with a 12" tube.  It is used to vent the condition of your barrel whilst it is stored in the laydown position. The tip of the vent peg which penetrates through the shive of the cask is reinforced with a pan head screw.

The Barrel Vent Peg has a Brass Mini Ball Valve. This helps to control the condition of the ale when venting your cask.  Please note that you won't need any other venting equipment as the mini ball valve works like your traditional hard and soft peg.

  • FDA approved Food Grade material
  • Impact-resistant
  • Clean and simple method of venting
  • Fitted with 12'' tube