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1.     What are the dimensions/weight of the Pint365?

The dimensions of the Pint365 are shown in the images below, and also on the Pint365 product page. The overall weight of the unit is 9kg.

2.     What is the difference between the Deluxe and Standard Pint365?

Both pumps are made with high-grade zinc components with either a brass, chrome, copper, antique brass or antique copper finish. The standard pump has a plastic plinth with a realistic wood grain effect and the deluxe version comes with a hand-stained real wood plinth.

3.     Will you install my pump?


Unfortunately, we can’t do this for you but installation is very straightforward and Pint365 is designed for you to be able to do it yourself. The unit also comes with instructions on how to setup your Pint365 with your BIB beer or polypin.

4.     What will my Pint365 fit onto?


The Pint365 mounts using its built in G-Clamp, it can clamp on anything smaller than 70mm or 2.75” thick. The surface you need to mount on to needs to be able to counter balance the unit which weighs 9kg.

5.     What container can I serve from?

You can serve from any container including, bag in box, polypin, barrels, mini casks, mini kegs, home brew barrel and corny kegs. Your Pint365 unit comes with the right connectors for your BIB beers and polypins, and we offer a range of extra parts in order to connect to casks, home brew barrels and corny kegs. The flexible ale extractor is best suited for connecting to casks and comes with instructions for use. To connect to a corny keg, you will need the ball lock keg outlet which comes with a John Guest fitting, and to connect to your own home barrel system, we recommend the pressure barrel connector. Get in touch with the team at for further information.

6.     How do I connect to a Mini Barrel

You can connect to a Mini Barrel however it is a little unorthodox, please see the link to a demonstration video. To access the beer you need to vent the barrel as you normally would, then depending on which mini barrel you have you need to remove the handle exposing the vent mechanism, you should see there is a circular bung in the centre, you will need to poke the bung into the barrel, then finally lower the pipe of your Pint365 into the mini barrel and to the bottom, the pipe is the correct size where is will not lift out of the container. 

7.     How to connect to a Bag in Box or Polypin?

Please watch our instructional video:

8.     How do I assemble my work surface frame?

Please watch our instructional video:

9.     How do I assemble the free standing frame?

Please watch our instructional video:

11.  Why isn’t my pump pulling properly?

Firstly check the following:

a.         Is your Pint365 the recommended distance from box to pump?

b.         Is the cable bent or kinked?

c.         Have you run out of beer?

Other things to check are:

a.              Make sure the beer is at correct temperature (no warmer than 13 Celsius or 55 Fahrenheit).

b.              Check that your pipe fitting are pushed on sufficiently.

c.              Check you that you’re Polypin or Bag in Box is fully open.

d.              Check your sparkler as different beers require different levels of agitation and you may be using the wrong sparkler for your beer.

e.              Check you have removed the stopper or blanking sparkler.

12.  Do the pumps need electricity or gas to operate?

No the Pint365 is a manual pump – No power required!

13.  Can I buy spare or replacement parts?

We would hope you do not need replacement parts.  However, if you feel something is not working correctly, please get in touch as some of the parts within the pump are not user serviceable. If however you need some more sparklers or a new drip tray, please take a look at our accessories page where you may also find some extra bits to accompany your pump.  

Pint365 Spares

14.  What do I do if line cleaner is swallowed?

Wash out mouth with water. Consult a doctor.

15.  What do I do if line cleaner is splashed into my eye?

Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes. Consult a doctor.

16.  What is LCP – (LineClenze Powder)?

LCP is a fine white odourless powder used as an effective replacement for caustic soda when cleaning beer lines.

17.  How should I clean my glassware?

With glasswear we suggest that you have a dedicated beer glass, you will need to use it only with washing up powder (not liquid) as this doesn’t contain grease. Grease attacks the beer and causes it to go flat. We would also suggest that you afford using your beer glass with any other drinks such as milk which also contains a grease. Please be aware that grease doesn’t always get removed from a thorough washing.      

18.  What is the shelf life of my beer?

The different beers have different shelf lives depending on the Brewery. Some lasting up to 28 days.  All Beers on the website with exception of Davenports are despatched directly from the brewery. This ensures that when you receive your orders it’s as fresh as it possibly can be. Please note that the quality of the beer can be compromised if stored at the wrong temperature.

19.  What temperature should I store my beer?

CAMRA recommend that your store your beer between 10-14 degrees.

20.  How do I cool my beer?

We recommend using a fridge when it’s not connected set at the correct temperature, or use a cooler bag or box with ice blocks.

21.  How much beer (or how many pints) is in a box?

1 litre is equal to 1.75975 IMPERIAL PINT

5 litres = 8.5

10 litres = 17.5

20 litres = 35


22. How to change a Pint365 Handle