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Selby Mild 20L (36 Pints)

Selby Mild

Jolly Sailor Brewery
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4.0% ABV

Traditionally, the word Mild�in beer circles meant it was an un-matured beer (similar to mild cheese) straight from the fermenter and was often blended with more mature beer to achieve a more mellow taste you get from aging. It would be sold to factory workers and marketed to customers�with lower incomes. They could do this by returning the savings on storage costs and lessen the risk of the beer going off in their cellars.

Fortunately (for everyone) our beer is properly matured and now Milds are considered to be�the start on the complex road to dark malty beers. Jolly Dark Mild has rich dark treacle characterists and a mellow sweetness from dark crystal malts with moderate hop character derived from Challenger and Goldings hops...