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Pint365 Flexible Ale Extractor | Pint365

Pint365 Flexible Ale Extractor

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A Flexible Ale Extractor is an easy way of extracting your ale from the cask. The Flexible Ale Extractor has a silicon tube and a flotation device. With the inlet inserted into the barrel, the float sits at the desired angle just below the surface of the beer. As a result of the Flexible Extractor float system, the beer is always drawn from the surface. This helps to give you a clear pint every time.

Comes with: -

  • 1 x Float
  • 1 x Flexible Tube (length to be chosen)
  • 1 x Keystone body to tap barrel
  • 1 x outlet
  • 1 x John Guest Connector

Our Extractors are simple to use, require low maintenance, eliminate the need for racking systems and as a result reduce handling time. All our Extractors are available as both singles and doubles, in all threads and for all barrel sizes.  spare keystone bodies are also available.

  • Allows upright dispense
  • Low maintenance
  • Hop Filter included
  • Handy 'Ale Extractor Indicator' line