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Davenports Original

Davenports Brewery
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Davenport's Original Bitter - 4.2% ABV

A staple style of the British Beer scene brewed with all British ingredients.

From the early 19th Century when Davenports was founded, Bitter and Mild were the beers of choice for the drinkers of the Midlands and beyond.

Recognisable by its rich copper colour and easy-going bitterness. This is a true heritage style bitter based on a recipe over 100 years old and brewed in our 5-barrel craft brewery in the Heart of Birmingham. Water is important.

They work hard to match the water profile of the historic style where the subtle notes of the British hops are accentuated. Brewed with pale malt, a bit of a richer coloured, crystal malt and wheat for a bright copper beer with a full malty body. Into the brew-kettle go the hops Fuggles for a subtle bitterness while East Kent Goldings bring light floral notes with a hint of honey and spice.

Fuggles for a subtle bitterness while East Kent Goldings bring light floral notes with a hint of honey and spice. A full-flavoured, well-rounded, balanced premium ale.


  • Pale ale, Crystal, Lager and Torrefied Wheat


  • Progress, East Kent Golding and Mounthood