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Flexible Ale Extractor Cleaning Kit | Pint365

Flexible Ale Extractor Cleaning Kit

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This cleaning kit is perfect for use with your Harry Mason's Flexible Ale Extractor. It is imperative that you look after your equipment. The Flexible Ale Extractor Cleaning Kit contains all the necessary brushes and components to keep your Flexible Ale Extractor clean and hygienic.

The Flexible Ale Extractor Cleaning Kit contains:

    • A Silicon Tube Brush
    • Flexible Ale Extractor Body Brush
    • Mini Ball Valve and Tail Brush

The long brush has been designed to go through the whole length of the silicon tube and is approximately 75 cm long. This is the same length as a Kilderkin tube. The brushes are positioned in the center of the brush and as a result, you can operate from either end.  The bristles are the same size as the internal size of the silicon tube.  

The Silicon Tube Brush is designed to go through the body ensuring that any dried beer on the inside of the body is completely removed.

Finally, there is a mini ball valve brush. This brush is small enough to fit down the tail of the mini ball valve and as a result, will remove any dried impurities.