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Citra Mosaic Pale Ale | Pint365

Citra Mosaic Pale Ale

Hobsons Brewery
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2018 marked Hobsons 25th year of brewing, we fancied doing something a bit different and collaborated with a fellow brewer. In walks Stuart and Tom Hutchings, we've know Stuart for many years as he grows the best Maris Otter malting barley in the area and is part of our growers syndicate. His Son Tom has set up Brew by Numbers in London and was keen to come and brew with us...

“The collaboration with Hobsons brewery represents a link between my previous life as a farmer in Herefordshire and my current role as Co-Founder & Managing Director of BBNo. Hobsons produce some of the best traditional cask ale in the Herefordshire/Shropshire region; this was the beer I drank as a reward after a long week’s toil on the farm!” Hobsons also use local Marris Otter barley, malted by Thomas Forcetts and grown on the farm I grew up on, which is still managed by my father Stuart.

The beer was brewed at Hobsons using local Maris Otter barley, malted by Thomas Forcetts and grown on the farm Tom grew up on, which is still managed by his father Stuart, along with some wheat and Hobsons unique strain of yeast. It was produced using the modern craft brewing techniques and ingredients, Hobsons brewer Paul and Tom mirrored a New England water profile with a 1:1 sulphate to chloride ratio, a 30 min hop stand post boil at 85c and heavily hopped with Citra whole leaf. They also dry hopped the beer using Mosaic Cyro powder – a new processed form of the famous hop that is used by BBNo and several US and UK breweries. 

This beer started off as a special brew in 2018 but due to its popularity is now permanently available in keg and 330ml cans temporarily throughout the year. 


The beer is a 4.2% Extra Hoppy Pale Ale. Hopped with Mosaic and Citra hops. Profile will be light body, mellow bitterness and full on citrusy hop. By full on I really mean it, but it will be a pleasant experience with flavours of mango, pine, citrus and herbs and aromas of tropical and stone fruit. It will be hazy as it will be unfined in order to maximise hop flavour. It’s unfined, so it’s 100% suitable for vegans.

All Hobsons beers are dispatched directly from the brewery for maximum freshness.

Please note that the Pumpclip is not included - although if required it can be purchased separately from Hobsons Brewery.