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Beer Pump Bag of Sparklers

Beer Pump Bag of Sparklers

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The Harry Mason Sparkler & Multibore Creamer set is the perfect set for anybody who is dispensing a wide variety of ales. Each sparkler agitates the beer differently. This is done by restricting the flow of beer through the sparkler. Each sparkler has with different variations of holes. The Sparkler & Multibore Creamer Set comes with a black 1mm multibore creamer, a black 0.6mm multibore creamer, an adjustable sparkler and a locking nut.

The Multibore creamers are the easiest sparklers to use. The holes agitate the beer, so when fitting you need to screw the creamers on fully. Depending on if you use the 0.6mm holes or the 1mm holes on how much head will be on the pint you serve.

Adjustable Sparkler & Locking Nut

The Adjustable Sparkler contains a cone pointing toward the end of the tap. This is in the direct path of beer flowing into the glass. The beauty of the adjustment is that you can easily adapt the agitation of the beer being dispensed. This is done with a quick turn. As you tighten the sparkler the cone goes into the end of the spout. You keep on tightening the sparkler until nothing is dispensed. The locking nut is for use with the adjustable sparkler. You need a locking nut to set the sparkler in place. The eliminates accidental movement of the sparkler and consequently ensures consistent pints every time.

Different ales and beers require different amounts of agitation to pour the perfect pint. Our sparkler set is perfect as it comes with three different variations.