Olympia closed its doors on the 2019 GBBF on Saturday 10th August 2019, it’s their 8th consecutive year at the venue. As ever the general consensus of opinion was that CAMRA once again had knocked it out of the park. With a range of literally hundreds of different beers from the UK and abroad, if you could have dreamt about a flavour then it probably would have been there. On entry, you need to make the biggest decision – whether to go for a ½ pint or ¼ pint glass. We strongly recommend a ½ pint glass as when it’s filled you might just get a little bit more and when beer tastes this good why not! And it’s not just about the beer….this year the food of offer was amazing. Just what you need between drinks. With a Winter Festival in the planning for February 2020 in Birmingham and no doubt a return next summer to London make sure to get yourselves down to at least one of them.

Stonehenge Ales

Stonehenge Ales found in Salisbury, Wiltshire are celebrating 26 years of Brewing in July 2019. They have had a very successful quarter of a century with plenty of wins from SIBA over the year with Spire Ale winning Gold in 2018, Danish Dynamite in 2017 and in 2016.

 This is all credit to the partnership between Stig Anker Andersen and Anna Marie Anderson, this has also been recognised by the South Wilts Business of the Year Awards.

Jane and the Bomber

Jane and the Bomber

As a brewery we are committed to supporting our local community and one of the charities we support is the Aviation Heritage Centre that is rebuilding the Avro Lancaster Just Jane at East Kirkby in Lincolnshire. 10p of every bottle and pint sold of our Just Jane bitter goes to the restoration fund. The Lancaster bomber is a powerful symbol of the role that Lincolnshire played in the second world war and why the county is still known today as bomber county. The only memorial to all 58,000 air crew that lost their lives flying for bomber command during the war is on a hill overlooking Lincoln.

Our Just Jane bitter is a dark English bitter at 3.8% ABV and not only do you get to enjoy a fantastic beer, but as a direct result, we have been able to donate over £3000 to the restoration in the last two year! We will be continuing to support the Just Jane restoration project in 2019 through the sales of our Just Jane bitter.

How to pull the perfect pint

How to pull the perfect pint

Perfect Pint

We all have our own idea of what the perfect pint looks and tastes like.  However one area that causes much debate is the one about the froth or foam that forms at the top of the beer - commonly known as the ‘head’.

Traditionally beer drinkers from the North prefer a thicker, creamier almost dense head on their beer whilst drinkers from the south generally prefer a much thinner, lighter almost frothier version.

As Masons is a Birmingham Company we do side with our friends in the North!!


But first things first, before you can start to pull your perfect pint you must ensure that your glass is scrupulously clean (it’s known in the trade as ‘Beer Clean’). Any traces of dirt or impurities will certainly affect the quality of your drink.  Impurities, particularly grease, can cause the head to fail or to collapse.  We recommend that you wash your beer glass with a powdered soap - your dishwasher is fine if you are using powdered tablets and not liquid soap or tabs.  Liquid soap is a form of grease which can spoil the foam or froth in seconds. We also recommend that you only use your beer glass for beer and not for anything else. 

Sparklers and Agitation

A sparkler is a nozzle that is fitted to the end of the swan neck tap.  The sparkler has a ring of small perforated holes and when fitted causes agitation to the beer in turn creating the froth or head.

The Pint365 kit contains 3 different sparklers:

Adjustable Sparkler & Locking Ring

As the name suggests this is an adjustable sparkler. The tighter you turn the sparkler onto the swan neck spout the more the beer will be agitated creating more of a head.  The locking ring is used to this sparkler in place.

0.6mm Sparkler & 1mm Sparkler

These sparklers have .6mm holes and 1mm holes respectively running around the base and are both commonly used within the trade.  When fitted they have a fixed position on the swan neck spout. The smaller holes on the 0.6mm sparkler gives the greater agitation giving a thicker, creamier head.

Please note that that some beers are naturally lively and don’t require sparklers at all.  It’s always good to check with the Brewery.



Ready to go


For a creamier or larger head firstly attach your chosen sparkler. Then hold your glass at an approximate 45 degree angle making sure the bottom of the glass is as close as possible to the sparkler without it touching. Using the handle make firm pulls with consistent pressure gradually returning your glass to the upright position as you pass the half way point.

For a lighter or frothier head remove the sparkler and increase the distance between the bottom of the swan neck spout and your glass.  Tilt the glass to a 45 degree angle and make firm pulls with consistent pressure gradually returning your glass to the upright position as you pass the half way point.


Ultimately it’s your call (or should that be pour)  -  There’s only one way to find out!


Stand Assembly

To assemble your stand

  1. Lie your unit on its back with the Masons badge facing down
  2. Loosen the 4 knobs on each side of the unit and carefully lift the front cover up and off
  3. Remove the 4 knobs completely
  4. Take the unit and place it on its side
  5. Take one of the legs (make sure the flat part of the stand is facing outwards – see attached picture) line the holes up and tighten the knobs ‘hand tight’
  6. Turn the Pint365 over onto the other side and repeat
  7. Return the Pint365 to an upright position
  8. Loosen all 4 knobs by approximately 3 -4 rotations
  9. Replace front cover.  Your stand should be inbetween the frame and the front cover
  10. Once in place tighten all 4 knobs ‘hand tight’

*We recommend always handling your Pint365 by the stainless steel swan neck tap*