Stand Assembly

To assemble your stand

  1. Lie your unit on its back with the Masons badge facing down
  2. Loosen the 4 knobs on each side of the unit and carefully lift the front cover up and off
  3. Remove the 4 knobs completely
  4. Take the unit and place it on its side
  5. Take one of the legs (make sure the flat part of the stand is facing outwards – see attached picture) line the holes up and tighten the knobs ‘hand tight’
  6. Turn the Pint365 over onto the other side and repeat
  7. Return the Pint365 to an upright position
  8. Loosen all 4 knobs by approximately 3 -4 rotations
  9. Replace front cover.  Your stand should be inbetween the frame and the front cover
  10. Once in place tighten all 4 knobs ‘hand tight’

*We recommend always handling your Pint365 by the stainless steel swan neck tap*

Pint365 Assembly

Pint365 Assembly

Step 1

Decide where you want to use your Pint365.  The unit weight is approximately 9kg so please ensure that you choose somewhere robust enough for you to mount and somewhere that will be able to cope with the counter balance action of the handle being pulled. Attach your Pint365 to the worktop/counter by tightening both clamps until completely secure.

Step 2

Take the insulated pipe and attached the grey John Guest fitting to one end and the black John Guest fitting to the other

Step 3

Take the grey fitting and push it firmly onto the Inlet feed at the bottom the CaskMaster.

Step 4

Identify which of the following fittings your beer has:


Polypin has a white tap and a Bag in Box has black and red tap then follow the relevant step below:

  1. Bag in Box (Black and Red Tap) Push the black John Guest fitting onto the Vitop connector.

Remove the red tab (seal) and then slide the Vitop connector over the top of the red tap and twist the nut on the top of the Vitop connector downward.  This opens the tap and allows the beer to be drawn out.

B.    Polypin (White Tap) Push the black John Guest fitting on to the white tap ensuring its completely on.  Fully rotate the white tap lever to the open position. This will allow the beer to be drawn out.

Step 5

You are now in a position to pull beer. Please note that the first couple of strokes will be “charging” the pump ready to pour and no beer will actually dispense.  Once the Pint365 is charged use a controlled tempo to pull your perfect pint