One of the most well-known names in Birmingham brewing history must be that of Davenports. 

This historic institution first started brewing in 1829 and those of us of a certain age can probably remember the advert that ran back in the 1970’s that started with ‘’Beer at Home means Davenports.…’’ and most of us can probably sing it word for word!

Davenports boasts 300 plus years of multi-brand heritage.  All Davenports beers are developed and brewed using tradition recipes with modern technology in their own Artisan brewery. With ‘Davenports Original’, ‘Davenports Gold Ale’ and ‘Davenports Mild’ all household names.

Running alongside the Davenports beers is the award-winning range of Dale craft keg beers. The original Dares Southend Brewery was set up on Belgrave Road in Balsall Heath back in 1927.  The brewery was taken over by Davenports in 1962 and recently has undergone somewhat of a revival with ‘Tank Six’, ‘RiP’ and ‘Nitro 535’ to name but a few.  The third brand under the Davenports banner is Highgate Brewery.  The traditional brewery was first established in 1898.  Located on Sandymount Road (specifically chosen due to the pure iron rich water supply from a bore hole in the road) in Walsall its ‘mild’ style beer quickly became a favourite among the Birmingham workers.

A Christmas Riddle

A Christmas Riddle

Without fail every Christmas jokes will be pulled from crackers, the pub banter picks up momentum and the riddles become increasingly complex.   The riddle, the joke and the banter helps us share a laugh, a memory or reflect on a year past.   

If you have or are thinking of a Pint365 this Christmas you need to create the festive cheer to create the theatre of the pub.  To help you on your way we have searched high and low for some riddles and jokes to bring a smile to your face.

Scroll down for the answers.

1. Joke:  A barrel of beer fell on a man. Why didn't it hurt him?

2. Story:  A broke guy walks past a pub. He looks at the door longingly, but since he has no money, he walks on. Just then, he spots a lamp lying in the gutter. He picks it up and rubs it, and a genie emerges.

“I will grant you three wishes,” intones the genie.

“Give me a bottomless mug of beer,” the guy says.

A mug of beer appears in his hand. He takes a sip, then another. With each chug, the mug magically refills.

“And for your other two wishes?”

Between swallows, the lucky guy shouts, “Give me two more just like this one!”

 3. Riddle:  Three guys are going out of a Pub. Only two of them drank beer, only two of them drank wine and only two of them drank water. If a guy did not drink wine he did not drink water either. If a guy did not drink beer he did not drink wine either.

Who drank what ? 

4. Riddle:  Steven and Mary had five children (yes five). Half of them are girls, how is it possible ? 

5. Riddle: Two workers in a brewery are trying to settle an argument over how much beer is inside a barrel. One worker thinks the barrel is more than half full while the other says it's less than half full. How can they settle the argument without using any measuring tools?

Note: the top of the barrel can be easily removed. 


1. Solution: Because it was light ale.

3. Solution: Two of them drank beer, wine and water. One of them drank nothing. 

4. Solution: They are all girls and therefore half of them are girls.

5. Solution: One simple way of solving the dispute is for the workers to tip the barrel until the beer is level with the lowest part of the top (just before it would spill). If they can see the bottom of the barrel, then it's less than half full (left image). On the other hand, if they cannot see the bottom, then the barrel is more than half full (right image).

The Wellington Specialist Real Ale Pub

The Wellington Specialist Real Ale Pub

Being a Birmingham based company ourselves, this week we thought we would put the spotlight on one of our local pubs – The Wellington


The Wellington Pub or the ‘Wellie’ is located on Bennett’s Hill in the centre of Birmingham.  Backed by Black Country Inns this popular pub first opened its doors in December 2014 with 10 handpumps.  The pub was a hit from the start and within the first six months of trading, it had to increase its bar and install another six hand pumps.  Unbelievably during its first year, an incredible 2610 different ales passed through its pumps!


The pub continued to grow and by 2014 it had built an upstairs bar and a roof terrace taking the total number of Harry Mason hand pumps to a staggering 27!


Serving 8 regular ales and 9 guest ones it can be quite a tough act to choose.  To help the customer each pump is individually numbered and displayed on the ‘Beer Board’.  The board displays the brewery name, the beer name, the ABV (alcohol by volume) and the price per pint.  The board also displays the beer colour which is rated from A to E with A being the palest and E the darkest.  

If you are planning a trip to Birmingham a visit to the Wellington is a must – just note that they don’t sell food at the Wellington however you are free to bring your own or even have a takeaway delivered and don’t worry about plates and cutlery as they are all provided. Oh and the Wellington is music free – it’s all about good conversation and great beer!

BFBi Annual Lunch

BFBi Annual Lunch

BFBi Annual Lunch

The BFBi is the Brewing, Food and Beverage industry organisation and on Friday 8th November it hosted its Midlands Section Annual Luncheon.  The annual luncheon provides an excellent opportunity for people from all sides of the industry to get together over a spot of beer tasting, dining and a guest speakers.  

This year’s guest speakers included Colin Maclachlan from the Channel 4 show SAS Who Dares Wins and the Channel 5 show - Secrets of the SAS and Jane Kershaw, the great great great granddaughter of Joseph Holt.  Holts was founded in 1849 by Joseph Holt and Jane is part of the sixth generation to work in the business. 

For the third year running the stunning Council House in Birmingham was chosen as the venue and as is traditional for the midland section Harry Mason Limited provided the beer engines.  For this event we used our well-known beer engine ‘The Aston’.  Our technical guys were at the council house nice and early and together they set up 6 beer engines each on their own mini bar.  The event started at midday and all six pumps were put through their paces pulling a variety of ales including the incredibly popular Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, Marstons’ Hobgoblin and Pedigree as well as beers from Wye Valley and Purity.

We also took the opportunity to debut our brand-new beer engine PINT365 Deluxe.  Davenports kindly donated a bag in box of their newest brew ‘Fallen’ a complex dry hopped red ale and together they generated a great deal of interest amongst the attendees. 

As ever the event was considered a great success by all and after its official finish at 5pm a smaller ‘afterparty’ followed at the very popular Purecraft Bar & Kitchen where beer sampling continued well into the night.

Hobgoblin the perfect Halloween Pint

Hobgoblin the perfect Halloween Pint

Halloween is here again and one thing for sure is that Hobgoblin sales are going to go through the roof, during the halloween and bonfirre night season. Marston’s owned Wychwood Brewery which is based in Oxfordshire says that Hobgoblin is the unofficial beer of Halloween.   A Marston’s team member of in the marketing department stated that it’s more fun to be the unofficial beer of Halloween because it marries up to the rebellious traits of the brand.

Marston’s Brewery owns multiple sites; one being the Burton site which has it’s very own bottling plant. A few months ago Marston’s increased their production of Hobgoblin to produce 1 million bottles per shift.  Bearing in mind they have a 24 hour production setup, they are producing 21 million bottles a week, thats a few to drink.

Hobgoblin is not just for drinking out of bottles, with their beer available in Casks and Bag in Boxes/ polypins, they should increase sales during the Halloween  and bonfire nights. Hobgoblin really should stregnthn its position as the unofficial Halloween Drinkl

There are now 4 seasonal variations of hobgoblin throughout the year, Hobgoblin IPA, Ruby, Gold and King Goblin. Throughout the year they introduce special pump clips and designs to embrace the season, such as the Halloween where the goblin is holding a pumpkin and Christmas specials where the goblin is wearing a Santa’s hat. The marketing team at Marston’s have been able to create a spooky feel around the brand.

Look out for Hobgoblin bag in box or Polypins in the new year.