Hobgoblin the perfect Halloween Pint

Hobgoblin the perfect Halloween Pint

Halloween is here again and one thing for sure is that Hobgoblin sales are going to go through the roof, during the halloween and bonfirre night season. Marston’s owned Wychwood Brewery which is based in Oxfordshire says that Hobgoblin is the unofficial beer of Halloween.   A Marston’s team member of in the marketing department stated that it’s more fun to be the unofficial beer of Halloween because it marries up to the rebellious traits of the brand.

Marston’s Brewery owns multiple sites; one being the Burton site which has it’s very own bottling plant. A few months ago Marston’s increased their production of Hobgoblin to produce 1 million bottles per shift.  Bearing in mind they have a 24 hour production setup, they are producing 21 million bottles a week, thats a few to drink.

Hobgoblin is not just for drinking out of bottles, with their beer available in Casks and Bag in Boxes/ polypins, they should increase sales during the Halloween  and bonfire nights. Hobgoblin really should stregnthn its position as the unofficial Halloween Drinkl

There are now 4 seasonal variations of hobgoblin throughout the year, Hobgoblin IPA, Ruby, Gold and King Goblin. Throughout the year they introduce special pump clips and designs to embrace the season, such as the Halloween where the goblin is holding a pumpkin and Christmas specials where the goblin is wearing a Santa’s hat. The marketing team at Marston’s have been able to create a spooky feel around the brand.


Look out for Hobgoblin bag in box or Polypins in the new year.

Posted by James
1st November 2019

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