Stand Assembly

To assemble your stand


  1. Lie your unit on its back with the Masons badge facing down
  2. Loosen the 4 knobs on each side of the unit and carefully lift the front cover up and off
  3. Remove the 4 knobs completely
  4. Take the unit and place it on its side
  5. Take one of the legs (make sure the flat part of the stand is facing outwards – see attached picture) line the holes up and tighten the knobs ‘hand tight’
  6. Turn the Pint365 over onto the other side and repeat
  7. Return the Pint365 to an upright position
  8. Loosen all 4 knobs by approximately 3 -4 rotations
  9. Replace front cover.  Your stand should be inbetween the frame and the front cover
  10. Once in place tighten all 4 knobs ‘hand tight’


*We recommend always handling your Pint365 by the stainless steel swan neck tap*

26th June 2019

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