How to pull the perfect pint

How to pull the perfect pint

Perfect Pint

We all have our own idea of what the perfect pint looks and tastes like.  However one area that causes much debate is the one about the froth or foam that forms at the top of the beer - commonly known as the ‘head’.


Traditionally beer drinkers from the North prefer a thicker, creamier almost dense head on their beer whilst drinkers from the south generally prefer a much thinner, lighter almost frothier version.


As Masons is a Birmingham Company we do side with our friends in the North!!



But first things first, before you can start to pull your perfect pint you must ensure that your glass is scrupulously clean (it’s known in the trade as ‘Beer Clean’). Any traces of dirt or impurities will certainly affect the quality of your drink.  Impurities, particularly grease, can cause the head to fail or to collapse.  We recommend that you wash your beer glass with a powdered soap - your dishwasher is fine if you are using powdered tablets and not liquid soap or tabs.  Liquid soap is a form of grease which can spoil the foam or froth in seconds. We also recommend that you only use your beer glass for beer and not for anything else. 


Sparklers and Agitation

A sparkler is a nozzle that is fitted to the end of the swan neck tap.  The sparkler has a ring of small perforated holes and when fitted causes agitation to the beer in turn creating the froth or head.


The Pint365 kit contains 3 different sparklers:


Adjustable Sparkler & Locking Ring

As the name suggests this is an adjustable sparkler. The tighter you turn the sparkler onto the swan neck spout the more the beer will be agitated creating more of a head.  The locking ring is used to this sparkler in place.


0.6mm Sparkler & 1mm Sparkler

These sparklers have .6mm holes and 1mm holes respectively running around the base and are both commonly used within the trade.  When fitted they have a fixed position on the swan neck spout. The smaller holes on the 0.6mm sparkler gives the greater agitation giving a thicker, creamier head.


Please note that that some beers are naturally lively and don’t require sparklers at all.  It’s always good to check with the Brewery.




Ready to go


For a creamier or larger head firstly attach your chosen sparkler. Then hold your glass at an approximate 45 degree angle making sure the bottom of the glass is as close as possible to the sparkler without it touching. Using the handle make firm pulls with consistent pressure gradually returning your glass to the upright position as you pass the half way point.

For a lighter or frothier head remove the sparkler and increase the distance between the bottom of the swan neck spout and your glass.  Tilt the glass to a 45 degree angle and make firm pulls with consistent pressure gradually returning your glass to the upright position as you pass the half way point.


Ultimately it’s your call (or should that be pour)  -  There’s only one way to find out!

28th June 2019

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